Digitote and SuzoHapp have launched a joint marketing effort promoting their combined solution to provide online sports betting website operators the ability to operate their sportsbook on self-service betting terminals supplied by SuzoHapp.

“If you are looking to put your sportsbook or racing website onto self-service betting terminals, we have the software solution to achieve it,” states Digitote managing director Gunter Boyks.

“We have worked together with SuzoHapp to develop a solution that connects existing websites with hardware from SuzoHapp so online sites can be adapted for presentation and operation on self-service betting terminals.”

The collaboration between the companies was originally conceived as a result of the US opening up to sports betting. They identified the opportunity to assist highly experienced web and mobile sports betting operators with making their existing technology available in a retail environment.

Digitote provides the software expertise and SuzoHapp provides access to the largest single source of gaming equipment and field technical support in the market. Offerings range from software-only to hardware-only to full, turnkey solutions and will be available on all platforms.