On February 20, the UK will update its £20 note to the more secure polymer format that the country’s £5 and £10 have already been converted to.

UK amusement suppliers prepare for new £20 banknote

In 2016, the new £5 notes came into service with the larger denomination the following year and were dubbed “more durable” than the paper versions they replaced.

The amusement and gaming machines supplier the Rudd Group has updated its cash accepters to read the new note ahead of its introduction.

Kevin Astley, the company’s technical director, said: “Our technical repair centre has pulled out all the stops to make sure each of our technicians have their own conversion kit that will update any brand of note recycler. It has been a complicated process, but we are finally happy with our solutions, some of which have been developed completely in-house.” 

Nick Rudd, managing director, said: “Most of the notes that go into our machines are £20 so we know how crucial it is to get this update across our estate before they start to go into circulation. I’m really impressed with how our technical team have embraced this task and come up with unique answers to problems even manufacturers can’t solve.”